Each week, we get hundreds of submissions to the show, but few people who watch the show are more involved and dedicated than those who hang around the Discord, chatting gear, sharing pictures, and lending advice to newcomers. So this week’s show is all about those dedicated subscribers who have joined the Discord server and shared their submission.

Below, you’ll find five of the best EDC submissions the Discord has to offer.


Dominic Lallande

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He, Taylor! Love your vids! The watch, wallet, keys, Benchmade, and flashlight go with me everywhere, while the other items live in a backpack.

Despite being six years old, I haven’t been able to replace my Pebble as I’ll miss important notifications while walking around campus with my phone on vibrate. The Benchmade and Kershaw are new additions and I’m glad to be carrying quality blades, as opposed to the Walmart or Academy knives I’ve carried in the past.

I find myself carrying no more than four cards and no cash in my wallet, so the thinner the wallet, the better in my opinion. The StatGear wallet happens to fit the theme well. Great mechanical pencils are a must have as a student, and I believe the P205 and P207 are the best out there. A Zippo makes for an entertaining fidget toy, but I mainly use mine for heat shrink tubing. It has a Thunderbird butane insert so that my jet lighter can have a jet flame.

I bought the Rovyvon flashlight after watching one of your videos and to be honest, I use it way more than I thought I would. Not pictured is an LG V35 that I used to take the picture. I don’t keep it in a case because (miraculously) I haven’t broken a smartphone in many years.

Keep the videos coming. See you in the Discord.



Chris Lower

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I carry what I need and use it as I please. I love the show — solid platform, enjoyable, and informative. The host could use work.




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This is my standard EDC to work. Anything else I may want or need is in my EDC bag.

I got the Citizen watch as a graduation present years ago. It has run flawlessly since the day I received it. It has the Eco-Drive movement which means I will never have to change the battery.

I have always preferred fountain pens over the traditional ballpoint and I was very happy to get a Metropolitan in fine point for everyday writing. It is filled with Waterman Serenity Blue ink which is a classic everyday ink. I use the notebook for daily notes and reminders as well as to track my budget. Having a notebook in my wallet helps tremendously with this. Also, Clairefontaine has amazing paper quality.

The Gerber Dime resides in my coin pocket and is used for all sorts of tasks from day to day. I picked it up about a month ago and it is one of the more used things in my EDC. I especially love the clamshell packaging tool. The Massdrop/Ferrum Forge Falcon is the nicest knife I own. It is a lightweight and sturdy folder. It is just the right size for EDC and is a favorite of my pocket.

I bought the Olight S1R Baton II recently as part of my bonus. I was pleasantly surprised at how thin it is, the camera does not do it justice. Not pictured is the LG V40 ThinQ. I upgraded to this from a Galaxy S8 and haven’t looked back LG has stepped up their game.




Corey Lefebvre

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I found your channel while surfing YouTube one day and didn’t realize I was an EDC guy until I watched a few vids! Love it! I’m part of a FB group called The DTB (Dark Timber Brotherhood). Almost everything in this carry is made or recommended by someone in the DTB.

The Field Notes cover was made by a good friend and fellow Army vet, Aaron Sybrant at NC Custom Leather. The DTK Logo stands for Dark Timber Knives made by Peter Kohler. The Skinner is a custom collaboration blade done by Peter Kohler and Jason Knight. The sheath was done by another good friend, Sergio Ortiz. This particular Zieba S5 is a collaboration between Michael Zieba and Jason Knight done for Wilson Combat. It’s M390 steel with titanium handles and is lighter than it looks.

This is my first Invicta watch. It’s … heavy. Really heavy. But I thought I’d give them a chance and see for myself. I’m trying to upgrade different pieces as I go and this is where I’m at so far. I think I’ll grab a nice pen next. Thanks for the channel and I’m loving the Discord chat!




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I’m a college (culinary school) student, but unlike most campuses, mine obviously doesn’t care that I carry a knife. I’m also a collector of knives/cool objects in general. I still use every part of my EDC every day; writing down recipes I think of, cutting and open boxes, seeing in dark places, etc. If I really wanted to stretch this, I could have included the kitchen knives I use every day…

To start, the Field Notes cover is something I didn’t realize I needed until I saw it on Popov’s website. I have been carrying these pocket notebooks since my first year of high school, whether it’s genuine field notes or my preferred Blackwing Clutch, and they always get worn and shredded to hell before the end of their writing lifespan. This doubles as a wallet, thus my EDC not including one (my cards are all out of the picture and I put a gift card for a local pizza place in one of the slots to demonstrate what it is).

The watch was a gift from my dad, who got it for me after I broke my old Casio digital watch during a trip to Alaska. I use the bezel to time things pretty much every day — it’s especially useful in the kitchen. The band from Crown & Buckle is by far the best NATO I’ve had on a watch. The buckles and rings feel really sturdy and the strap itself is comfortable.

My Benchmade Anthem is currently my favorite knife by a longshot. Given the other knives in my collection, that’s a very notable feat. For a long time, the Benchmade 940-2 was my favorite knife and the Anthem feels like the perfected form of the 940 in many ways. It carries slim, has a much better blade than the 940 in every way, the best action I have felt (not just on a Benchmade, but all thumb stud/hole knives I have ever owned). I also got it during a trip to San Antonio in January this year, where I got to meet a lot of my friends from my competitive gaming years. It has a lot of sentimental value to me, so it will most likely be in my permanent collection.

The TiScribe Bolt is a fantastic pen, with a satisfying heft. It fits perfectly in the normal-sized pen loops on the Popov Field Notes cover, so its easy for me to carry despite the weight. I have a Schmitt 5888 Rollerball Refill in it and it writes like a dream. I love me some copper.

I imagine 90% of the submissions you get probably have this light in it, but I’ll just reiterate that its fantastic for EDC. It’s bright enough for my uses and has very good battery life. Again, I like copper stuff.

Thanks for having this show and community. I really enjoy being in the Discord talking to everyone (even though you all hate my profile pictures and how much I say uwu). Shoutout to the fact that I’m still trying to sell my Millit Max Evolution.



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