Whether it’s some patinaed leather or a well-worn watch, class comes in a million different forms. Here on the EDC Weekly, we see tons of variety when it comes to gear, the way it’s carried, and how it’s used. This week is all about class.

Below, you’ll find five of the uniquely classy everyday carries submitted to the show in February so far.


Andru Flores

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I’m a 29-year-old US Navy Sailor and amateur magician. I built this EDC around one of my favorite decks of playing cards, Monarchs in green by Theory11. I learned from this community that you don’t need to sacrifice form for function.




Paul Sesink Clee

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These are the things that I carry every day — some in my pockets and the rest in whatever bag I’m using. I’m an avid photographer in my spare time and try to always carry a smaller camera (either this Ricoh GRD IV or a Fujifilm X100T).

I no longer compete but have been seriously yoyoing for around 20 years. This titanium yoyo is one that I carry often because of its durability and will swap out with something else from my collection periodically.

Check out my yoyo (@paultakeschances) and photography (@paultakesphotos) Instagram accounts.




Jay Polaski

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I’m always fascinated to see what the makers carry and use, as they spend so much time researching to create what we all love, and I thought your readers might as well. The XT3 is new, and I’m absolutely loving the size, weather sealing, and image quality. The P938 is about as small as you can get and still keep a 9mm load and you just can’t beat the looks!

Most of the gear here tackles daily “dad duties” for my children or the Cub Scouts I lead and I wouldn’t go anywhere without any of it. The TPT Slide is taking more and more of my knife duties, much to the chagrin of the Benchmade, but if I learned anything, conservation of resources is key, so it allows the knife to stay razors sharp longer. The whistle is just in case… it’s louder than I could ever be, and I don’t have to worry about it losing its voice if something happens.

I love what you’re doing here, and can’t wait to see more!




Anthony Ramirez

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I have a government job and freelance graphic design on the side. My items evolve as technology evolves, but their primary functions in my EDC have basically remained the same for many years. The Benchmade was a gift from my wife on our wedding day 4 years ago and along with my ring — they’re the only things that can’t ever be replaced. Chapstick is a must, as I live in a very windy part of California and we have unfortunately had a devastating year with fires due to these strong winds.

Keep up the great work, I’m really enjoying watching the channel grow each and every week.




Peter Kendall

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I have had the iPhone X since launch and hasn’t done me wrong, very reliable snappy function with no slow down and a great camera. What else could I want? I’m simply too scared to carry my iPhone naked and I find dbrand adds a bit of personality to the Apple design when paired with my folio case. I have also had the Apple Watch since launch and has stood up to the test of time. I wear the Apple Watch for a couple of reasons over my standard watches — clarity of the screen, notifications, controlling my music and the kicker, Apple Pay. It just works so seamlessly.

My knife choice, being in England, is limited but the look and the feel of the Suru are just perfect for my use. The ball detent is an interesting solution for a non-locking knife. I personally dislike slip joint knives. My MiniChamp is just that, a little utility tool that I mainly now use for grooming and the odd loose screw.

Now to the flashlight addiction. My lights of choice are the RovyVon Aurora A5 luminous version, which you introduced me to. It’s a great little light, though, I mainly just use the red side light as I am searching for things around the house at night. The main light I use is the Manker E14 II, which is a pocket rocket. It has a quad array and kicks out 2200 lumens. But the utility of this light doesn’t stop there; it also has a programmable low mode from 0.1 to 5 lumens, so the versatility and run time are just brilliant. Furthermore, the beam is all flood with a decent throw because of the power, which is perfect for my needs.

The BeatsX are just used for listening to my podcasts during lunch or when out and about. The power bank is just kept in my jacket and keeps me powered throughout the day. The wallet is minimalist as possible, as I keep my house key in the wallet and hate anything jingling on my car key.

I just wanted to say thanks for the content, as you are up there with the best in terms of quality and personality.


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