Episode 34 of the EDC Weekly doesn’t have any main theme, but it features one all-titanium carry, lots of DIY gear, and all high-value gear.

Below, you’ll find five incredible everyday carry submissions worth writing home about.




Thanks for checking out my EDC. I never guessed some of the things I grew up having on me daily would become so interesting to everyone. 20 years ago, these things were just common pocket tools. Now the industry is massive…

My watch has been a long standing and durable. Not changing batteries was a big selling point for me.

The Benchmade is more for kitchen duties at home or while at sled camp or even just camping through the summer. With it de-assisted the fidget factory has gone way up.

The notebook and pen have been great recently as I have found the need to keep notes more often. I am at a point in my life (though not very old) where I leave the remotes in cupboards after getting a cup, so short term memory is not the best anymore. I did have to add an extra spring to the pen is it does feel somewhat sloppy.

My ring was made by and older jeweler in the small town I grew up in. He has since passed but I will wear it for as long as I can.

The sunglasses and gloves are not the best in the world. However, as previously stated, I tend to leave things around so they will work great until I loose them!

The wallet is hopefully the first of many to come. I have recently started working with leather and love it. My plan is to continue with it.

This is the basic gear kept on me as of now. A dedicated defense light is in my jacket pocket as well (Armytek Dobermann). While my everyday bag is also not shown, it does go with me daily. It would be too much for one photo! As a retired Canadian Forces and search and rescue technician, some habits die hard. Basic trauma kit is also with me daily and all needed cords and chargers. The bag also gives me a place to keep water, snacks, and my tablet.

Lastly, I notice many people with firearms. in Canada, firearms for defense from people is not allowed and not particularly needed. Wilderness settings are another story however. While in the woods, my defender comes into play and will stay with me all day. In remote areas, you are your only help, there is no calling for help. You need to be able to hold your own.




Emma Sanders


This is what I carry on a daily basis. Sometimes I tend to swap out my watch for another one. I made the wallet almost a year ago. I couldn’t find the perfect wallet, so I made it myself. I always carry my Blistex lip balm, I find this one to be the best.

I made a “minimalist” keychain out of a cheap KeySmart knock-off. I took the screws with extension tubes and attached a keyring to it. I did this by folding a canvas strap in half and poking a hole in it, so I could fit the screws and tubes through it.




Theo Lee


If you can’t tell already, I have a predilection for titanium. Much of my EDC is composed of this metal, and I value titanium for its unique properties and aesthetics. I’m also a college student, so carrying a knife that is people-friendly is particularly important to me, hence my choice of the small Sebenza. But if there was one piece of gear that I couldn’t go without, it would be my flashlight. Flashlights are what led me into the EDC hobby as a whole, and they’re the crux of my collection. I like to make video reviews of high-end flashlights and other gear in my free time.




Levi Quale


This is my first ever EDC/pocket dump submission and my first time gathering all my stuff for a photo. It’s super budget-friendly and far from anything fancy, but it gets the job done every day.

The orange wasn’t planned but I did admittedly buy the pen once I noticed the watch/knife match. The watch is a Smith & Wesson Military watch picked up at my local sporting goods store a couple of years ago. Next, we have my Bestech Paladin. I love this knife and this color was the cheapest option on Amazon.

The phone is my beloved Pocophone F1. The wallet is just a random box store bi-fold that I use for cards, money, and driver’s license. In the photo is my fishing license, and this year it happens to be orange as well. It stays tucked behind my driver’s license that was removed for the photo.

My earbuds are Dudios Zeus wireless Bluetooth earbuds and I absolutely love them. Next is my Wenger Esquire, which is a mainstay.

Lastly, we have my cheap multi-tool which I’ve seen on Amazon under a few different brandings. It’s low cost, fairly sturdy, and always comes in handy. I have other knives, watches, pens, and multi-tools that get rotated out depending the day, but everything is well used and appreciated, especially at work. Someday I’ll add the nicer stuff that I really want, such as the Trayvax Axis and the Leatherman Skeletool, for example. For now, I have no complaints and I love the tools at hand.

I love the videos. Seriously, dude, keep up the GREAT work. Carry on!




 Ethan Mawhirter


I’m a 19-year-old out of Hunstville, Alabama. I know my gear isn’t the most coordinated or beautiful. All my gear has sentimental value to me. Due to my bank account size, I like to skate by with cheaper or handmade things. I’ve been carrying majority of my gear for a minimum of a year and it clearly shows. I can’t wait to get deeper into the rabbit hole as a young enthusiast.



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