Quality EDC gear doesn’t have to break the bank. This (now last week’s… oops) show was all about quality, ranging from handmade leather goods to the famed Chris Reeve Sebenza.

Below you’ll find six uniquely high-quality pocket dumps with varying themes and price levels. The one thing they all have in common is that they don’t skimp on quality.


Spencer Pardue

The Chris Reeve Large Sebenza with Carbon Fiber Inlays has been my grail knife for two years or so, which I recently obtained. It’s been amazing. I got the notebook for free with the purchase of the knife from Blade HQ. It’s been really helpful as I am a construction superintendent and need to write notes down quickly throughout the day.

The HandGray Key Ring looked cool, so I bought it thinking a $19 key ring would change my life? Oh well. The Ridge Wallet has been nice as it is super compact, yet holds everything I need in a wallet. I really enjoy the money clip, however, my search for a streamlined wallet will continue as the Ridge doesn’t tick all of my boxes.

The James Brand Mehlville Carabiner is a really cool design that’s main use is as a bottle opener. Although, being in construction, having an extra work key ring with five to 10 different keys make this really useful to just clip on my belt loop. The Olight S1 Mini Baton has been a godsend for looking above ceiling for different inspections or just being in a dark area in general. The thing gets super bright and is tiny.

Lastly, of course, the trusty Fisher Space Pen Bullet takes up 0.5% pocket space and is always there when needed.


Duncan Mather


I’m a university student and I always carry some sort of knife with me. These two are all I need. I switch between the WE Knife and the Victorinox. The wallet was a gift and has my name stamped in the leather. I also never leave the house without my truckers peak.


Dylan Hauge Matthew “Dicky” Dickinson

The keys are just standard, boring keys. I found that using a double carabiner system works well for me for ease of access, the stuff I use more is closer to the front and stuff I use less is at the back.

The lighter is because I occasionally partake in the social cigarette and if I’m going to bring a habit I should at least bring a lighter.

The multitool is used the most. I love my Leatherman Wingman. It’s by far the handiest piece of EDC gear I carry with me, from anywhere from cutting my children’s straws at a restaurant, to cutting smaller gauged wires at work. My favorite piece of gear is my Bradford Guardian 3, It has to be the most convenient way to carry a fixed blade with the horizontal sheath. The heat treat on their M390 is amazing and holds a stupid sharp edge for what feels like an eternity.

The flashlight is a FOURSEVENS Preon P2 2AAA light. It has five modes with seven total functions. And with all those options, I keep it set to the “Low High” mode. Its battery life is good for how much I use it at work. The phone case/wallet is alright. It’s lasted me a while but the edges are starting to wear out where it’s touched the most. It’s card holders stretched a little bit too much for me to justify getting another, however, it has protected my phone as good as anyone can ask. The gun is a Glock 19 Gen5 and is carried for obvious reasons.


Kevin “Kai” Freeman

I work in an office (in the cybersecurity industry) but I find myself using everything I carry incredibly often.

I use the Inventery pen to take notes at work and church (sometimes swapped out with a Fisher Space Pen w/ a fine tipped refill). The flashlight is especially useful in the winter when the sun setting early — I’ll sometimes go on a walk after work with the family so it’s nice to have some light for when it starts to get dark. I love that the Olight has a magnetic back so I can stick it to the inside of my car when I’m working on it.

I got the Omen knife as a birthday gift from my wife and I love it, even if I’ve only used it for opening boxes here and there. Hopefully, I’ll never have to be in a situation where I’d have to use a knife defensively, but it adds at least some peace of mind to have on hand. I’m amazed by how often I use the small Leatherman Style. I got it from one of my best friends as a groomsman gift, and have carried it for years now. The added convenience of it being TSA-friendly is a huge plus, and since I carry a dedicated folder, I don’t need a multi-tool with a blade.

I switched to the Dango Dapper Wallet about two years ago (from a bulkier bi-fold). It’s caused me to cut down on the number of cards I carry and has stopped me from stuffing receipts and other useless things into my wallet. The only issue I’ve had with it is that it can be rough on certain pant pockets since the “border” of the wallet is metal, and has a part of it that juts out a little (where the small hole is). It’s as if it was designed to destroy pants. I wear a cheap tungsten band as a wedding ring since my platinum ring would scratch too easily. I love my Pixel 2 XL and have had virtually no issues with it. I bought it for the camera, and boy does it deliver.

I rotate between the 2 watches depending on the occasion – the Junghans is my standard watch for work, and I switch out the band to a more formal one to dress it up when needed. I love the versatile, minimalist look, and appreciate the history behind its design. The Bulova Precisionist is a hefty watch, but it becomes much more wearable without a metal bracelet. I’ve become a big fan of NATO straps, and the subtle grey strap on such a convoluted-looking watch helps to tone it down a it, while remaining casual and comfortable.

I’ve been following the show for a couple months now and it’s great to be inspired and get new ideas for gear and see how others carry the gear they love. Thanks for making awesome content, and looking forward to seeing more in the future!


Kevin Tr

This stuff has traveled the world with me while in the Navy. The 940 was an amazing Christmas gift by my fiance and the poker chip was given to me by my commanding officer.


Lassi Passi


I did a quick Friday pocket dump to see what I’ve got, and this is what I found. Most of the stuff you see here has already talked about but here are a few words anyway.

I fell in love with the Proper a few weeks ago and bought it as it’s a perfect size, super sharp, and a good looking nonthreatening EDC knife. I’ve carried it for the past few weeks and it is just awesome I might make copper scales to make it more unique. And, hey… it’s copper.

The Proper and my brass Field Pen live in a ”Proper slip” I made with my own little (freakishly large) hands because I couldn’t afford to order the Hitch and Timber version at that time. I’m actually very pleased about the outcome.

Also my most frequently used cards and shitloads of cash house themselves in a card holder/wallet I made one evening.

The Audacious Concept Copper Smiley Bead hanging at the end of the Proper is my first ever bead I’ve bought and it’s gorgeous. And heavy… because again copper.

The TPT, as we all know, is perfect for the smaller everyday tasks and I use it for opening boxes at work or opening bottles anywhere but at work etc. I also love the idea that with (or without) the TPT safe-carry insert, I can take it with me on a plane!

RovyVon Aurora is an amazingly powerful rechargeable flashlight that has made all of my previous bulkier flashlights relocate from my pocket to my car or backpack or wherever. The Aurora that I carry is the steel version because even though it’s small I still like that it has some heft to it.

So there you go. That was a quick tour through my pockets. Thanks again Taylor for Your awesome work with Best Damn EDC.

Have a nice weekend!

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