The watch is Apple’s original 42mm version, I’ve had it since launch. It’s incredibly slow now, but I never felt the need to upgrade… until the most recent Series 4 came out. I’ll buy the 44mm version eventually. The leather band has broken in nicely and gives a smartwatch a more classic feel.

The wallet is Nautica’s Gunwhale trifold leather wallet. I cut out the card slots and ID section and sowed them back to back. I’ve had it for six years and just can’t get myself to pull the trigger on a new one yet.

The knife is a Spyderco PM2. It has a titanium pocket clip and scales that have been anodized by TiSurvival. The G19 has mods and doodads to make it go bang more comfortably. My EDC changes on a regular basis, with weather and work. I’m a pilot, and some of my flights take me to states where I can’t CCW.

Stoked to see you doing the EDC videos full time! Keep up the awesome work!


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