The firearm is set up for legal self-defense. Weapons are always the last resort as my beliefs hold all life as sacred. I would rather walk away than fight, but as the old saying goes, “Si vis Pacem Para Bellum” (seek peace, prepare for war). It carries nicely and sits next to my belt buckle very comfortably, and is always consistent in drawing with my BladeTech Klipt holster.

I have communication and entertainment covered with my phone. Until something significant comes with a newer model, I’m going to be running with the Note 8. The slight camera upgrades and perceived speed boost of the Note 9 didn’t sway me at all. The camera and display quality on my Note are excellent, and really work great when I don’t want to lug around the bigger camera options I have. The Monarch keeps it protected and looks amazing! I’ve used several cases on this phone but the UAG and Incipio are my favorites.

The Casio was a gift over 15 years ago. I’ve worn it on and off since getting it. When I first received it, I didn’t wear any other watches. The timer function, Star Wars/space-age look, and Tom Cruise Mission Impossible vibes were all killer for me! I still like it a lot and decided to put it on for the foreseeable future.

The Griptillian is pretty new to my knife options but has proven to be superb and a lightweight pocket razor that looks nice. That said, it’s a Benchmade. Talk about an ultra-durable folder in a lightweight package that is lightning fast to use! I really like the upgraded steel from other knives I use and am a huge fan of the super easy, one-hand operation of this design. It’s a truly ambidextrous design that is comfortable and capable. So far it has done well at cutting tires off rims, slicing through packaging, and coming in handy for the evening meal.

I use the Streamlight because bright and compact is useful, and it takes a beating! The AAA batteries are easy to keep up with, and I always have a light with me. This little thing is bright and gets the job done for me when I don’t need something larger or more powerful. It’s very lightweight and powerful for what it is.

The Space Pen isn’t exactly great for writing, but it gets used enough and I always need a pen, especially when I forget one. This tucks nicely under my wallet in the front pocket so I usually have it with me. It has stood the test of time and is on me even when I have better pens to choose from.

I carry the Leatherman because sometimes I need more than a razor-sharp sharp knife. This tool is great, and is more than enough for most jobs. I consider it a medium duty multi-tool, and it serves the role nicely. If I need more I want my Craftsman Go-Box kit.

I use the Punisher pry tool to avoid snapping knife blades. I’m a Punisher fan, and this is just the piece for me.

I carry an EDC coin with all the right phrases. I love the antique, battle-worn bronze from @carpe_diem_edc that I purchased through Blade HQ. One side is to remind me to be humble in life and treat every moment with reverence, the other is to remind me how much I have to enjoy and live for.

I carry the Zippo because who doesn’t like playing with fire a little?! It’s handy for dealing with frayed ends on fabric and rope, plus it’s the original fidget toy!

I’m a professional trucker, first responder on my home time, and a family man to my lovely wife. The tools I use have to be good for my daily needs, but also something I can hand to my wife to use, and this setup certainly fits the bill!


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