I often carry other things: a Leatherman Squirt PS4 (highly convenient) on a titanium suspension clip, a TiScribe-Bolt Pen (favorite pen for quality and fidget factor alone), and an EAGTAC D25A flashlight (beautiful interface, size, and beam color). But this is my core EDC. Also, I love how the picture came out, so there’s that.

The wallet is made by a shipmate (fellow USN sailor) and it does wallet-y things well while looking good. The Seiko does watch-y things well and is gorgeous. The hank is mostly for cleaning my glasses and screen, but also knife blade and watch crystal.

The knife was a royal PITA to find (and get) but damn, I love it. Not perfect, but really close for my tastes. (With that said, there’s a rotation I go through if you’re interested). A Huawei P20 Lite was used to take the picture.

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