I’m a design engineer in the aircraft field and while I spend most of my day working on CAD, I do frequently need to get my hands dirty in the shop.

I use my Leatherman along with a Bit Kit when I need to maintain our 3D printers and assemble some of our projects. I use my Microtech when I need a knife quickly; opening boxes, mail, cutting rope, etc.

I use the pencil and Field Book to take down dimensions and quick sketches when I’m away from my desk. I like the Kura Toga because it’s a cheap pencil with a gimmick that actually works (the lead always makes a sharp line).

I keep my wallet in my front pocket and only carry a few cards and a little cash, I’ve found that the Recycled Firefighter is really durable and a more convenient upgrade to my previous money clip.

I use to wear a G-Shock Mudmaster which was an awesome watch. However, the Apple Watch is just too convenient to give up. I use it for sending and receiving texts, taking notes, and adding things to my calendar.

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