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5 EDCs That Will Give You Serious Gear Envy

 Episode 34 of the EDC Weekly doesn't have any main theme, but it features one all-titanium carry, lots of DIY gear, and all high-value gear. Below, you'll find five incredible everyday carry submissions worth writing home about.   Benjamin Apple iPhone 6S...

Bang for Your Buck Everyday Carry

Hi, my name is Mike and here is my current EDC. I’m always looking for something new to carry, so I’m always watching your channel for ideas. I carry, so I’m…

Tried and True Everyday Carry

I’ve been wanting to send you this EDC for a while but I was waiting on my holster from QVO Tactical. There was a 10 week wait time but it was well worth the w…

Sentimental and Functional Everyday Carry

I have a few sentimental items in my EDC. The Fisher Space Pen was my grandfather’s. The elephant hair bracelet was given to me by my grandfather. He went on a hunt in Africa and it was given to him by the chief of the village that his guide was from. And no, he did not hunt an elephant. The lighter was found by my dad on a camping trip we went on when I was about 13 or 14. I keep it in the “Zippo” pocket. I couldn’t easily take off my Titan tungsten ring anymore so I got the Kauai silicone ring because that’s where my wife and I went on our honeymoon. The ring was only $8.

Three awesome Everyday Carry loadouts that won’t break the bank

Not all daily carries have to be loaded with expensive gear. Sometimes, being budget-friendly is just as nice to lust over. These three EDCs have a few higher-end elements but are mostly filled with excellent gear that won’t break the bank, like Timex’s Expedition series watches, the CRKT Pilar, Fisher Space Pen Bullet or Olight’s new tiny keychain flashlight.

Upgrade your EDC with a Bellroy XO slim wallet for 60% off

Bellroy’s leather wallets are among some of the best you can buy. They’re slim, simple in design and made of high quality vegetable tanned leather. And as you might guess, they’re not very cheap. Bellroy also collaborated with Barneys New York to bring some exclusive designs to market and those were even more expensive.

The James Brand just announced its new titanium collection

Everything looks and feels better in titanium, doesn’t it? It’s more lightweight and stronger than steel and often bears a matte finish that’s both supple and substantial. The James Brand just announced new editions of its County and Elko folders, which now come in titanium.

Maker Knife is the sexiest EDC utility knife ever made

Daily carrying a utility knife is a bit of a newer trend, especially for the utilitarians out there. A utility knife can be both sledgehammer and scalpel — they’re insanely sharp and can handle some of the roughest cutting jobs. The problem with utility knives are often how bulky or unsightly they can be. Enter the Maker Knife.

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