Hey Taylor. I’m a big fan of your channel, been watching for about a year but this will be my first submission.

I conceal carry a Glock 43 because work sometimes takes me to some neighborhoods where it gives me peace of mind. It’s completely stock except for the Traction Grips, I found out about them because the owner’s son goes to church with me.

The watch is a reissue from an original German manufacturer of the Flieger watches issued to the Luftwaffe. I love this simple, yet functional design and the sweeping motion of the hands from the ETA 2824 movement. I’m pleased with the NATO strap too because it’s not so long that I need to fold it back through.

I prefer the Leuchtturm pocket notebook over other thinner ones because I don’t need to bear down on something to write. I love the form factor of the Fisher Space Pen but didn’t care for the way it wrote so I put a cartridge from my favorite pen, a Uni Jetstream.

The Hitch and Timber slip is a new addition but I’m enjoying it so far as a way to carry a pen and knife. Speaking of, I don’t carry all four of the knives to the right at the same time but will rotate them. I love the personality of these traditional-style slip joints and will use it when it’s not so appropriate to use my Microtech.

My primary knife is an OTF from Microtech. I like the fact that it’s easy to operate one-handed. I have several other knives that I can also open and close with one hand but there is something very satisfying about the sudden clack when opening and closing this one.

My primary light is a AAA powered flashlight from Massdrop. It’s my first light with the Nichia LED and while it sacrifices some brightness, the colors that it shows are much more pleasant.

My iPhone 8 Plus has been serving me well for work and play. I’ve been using the Magpul case for several years and love how it’s slim yet grippy.

My keys are pretty minimalist since I don’t need keys to access my home. I do like the multi-function of the Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Clip (TPC), especially how it provides me with a secondary light in a tiny package. The little carabiner clip holds keys for when I go into houses (I work as a real estate photographer) and keeps me from losing or accidentally taking the key home with me.

Finally, I have a Ridge wallet and have modded away the elastic strap since I usually don’t carry cash. I’m a big fan of how small the whole package is.

You may have noticed the color theme going on – OD green. What started as an attempt to add color in an otherwise black EDC, grew to a way to theme the things I carry. You know it’s your favorite color when you look at it and smile.

Thanks for your show and the opportunity to share the things I carry.

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