Hi, my name is Mike and here is my current EDC.

I’m always looking for something new to carry, so I’m always watching your channel for ideas. I carry a firearm to protect myself and my family. I do carry an extra magazine since this is a single stack pistol.

I’m looking for a good watch, but the watch I have now is just a throw-away one until I find myself a decent dive watch. The Gerber multi-tool is a must for me. It’s something I use regularly around the house and at the range. This Gerber is one of many I have owned over the years due to losing or breaking them.

My pocket knife is something special to me because it was my grandpa’s. He always had a case knife that had the smallest blades due to him always sharpening them, and this was one that he had not yet started to carry himself.

The flashlight is nice and I have used it in a pinch many times at night helping a friend under the hood of their vehicle.

My wallet is also my phone case. I really like that it helps me never forget my wallet and it doesn’t throw my hip out of place when I sit down.

I love your channel and can’t wait to update my EDC.

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