The brains at Big Idea Design are back at it again. The duo behind the titanium-obsessed company, Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang, have already successfully funded 21 Kickstarter campaigns, so it’s only natural that they launch this new product on the crowdfunding site, as well.

This time around, Big Idea Design is launching the Mini Pry Bar. Like much of their other products, it’s made entirely of Grade 5 Titanium and can be used for light duty prying tasks, opening boxes, opening bottles, a flathead screwdriver, and countless other things you’d normally use your keys for. It measures 3/8 inches (9 millimeters) wide by 1 3/4 inches (44 millimeters) long, and 5/32 inches (4 millimeters) thick, and it weighs just 0.16 ounces (4.6 grams).

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What makes this Kickstarter campaign different for Big Idea Design is that the guys already have 1,000 units ready to go and will ship to backers shortly after the campaign ends, and since they’re only seeking $300 and the campaign has already garnered over $3,700 in about an hour, it’s safe to say this campaign is already a success. After the original 1,000 units are sold out, Big Idea Design says they will add new reward tiers for a second run of the Mini Pry Bars.

If you want to pick up a Mini Pry Bar before the campaign ends, you can do so at the going rate of $20 for a single, $35 for a two-pack, or $70 for four. After the campaign, the miniature pry tools will retail for $25 per.





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