Full disclosure, Big Idea Design has been a huge supporter of the Best Damn EDC. They’ve sponsored the EDC Weekly for several months, provided me with lots of their own gear, and made dozens of giveaways possible.

As a thank you for their support, I felt it was time to give an overview of their current product lineup. This was not a review, but rather a close look at all one of the best small EDC companies out there has to offer.


Big Idea Design has made a name for itself in the EDC world as a maker of quality pocket tools that are actually useful. Many pocket tools are too small, thin, or weak to be useful. One pry will gnar up or bend the metal on a cheap pry tool. But what you have to understand about Big Idea Design is that they take great pride in the last part of their name — design.

Most of the products they make feature clever designs that squeeze extra functions into a seemingly simple tool. Take the Bit Bar, for example. You wouldn’t know it has a cap lifter built in if they didn’t tell you. And those seemingly aggressive teeth inside the jaws of the Titanium Pocket Tool? That’s actually a universal wrench that spans from 15/64 to 7/16 inches (6 to 12 millimeters).

This penchant for quality in design and materials was something that was evident immediately after the Titanium Pocket Tool I purchase arrived in the mail. Was it tough to stomach $69 for two small pieces of titanium that sandwich a disposable utility knife blade? Absolutely. But I’ve hardly gone a day without it (or the successor … or a competitor’s take on an EDC utility knife) since. And, judging by the reception of my EDC utility knife roundup video and the video explaining several reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) daily carry a utility knife, I’m not alone in thinking such tools are in fact valid and useful for EDC.

As for Big Idea Design, nearly everything they create is almost entirely made using grade 5 titanium alloy (6AL4V) with a few different finishes, like battle-worn black, stonewashed, or raw titanium.

Watch the above video for an in-depth breakdown on all their current offerings or check out the products in the Big Idea Design store (those outside the US should visit their international site). (If you are so inclined to purchase one of their products, using the coupon code BESTDAMNEDC will take $5 off any purchase over $50.)

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