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This is my first ever EDC/pocket dump submission and my first time gathering all my stuff for a photo. It’s super budget-friendly and far from anything fancy, but it gets the job done every day.

The orange wasn’t planned but I did admittedly buy the pen once I noticed the watch/knife match. The watch is a Smith & Wesson Military watch picked up at my local sporting goods store a couple of years ago. Next, we have my Bestech Paladin. I love this knife and this color was the cheapest option on Amazon.

The phone is my beloved Pocophone F1. The wallet is just a random box store bi-fold that I use for cards, money, and driver’s license. In the photo is my fishing license, and this year it happens to be orange as well. It stays tucked behind my driver’s license that was removed for the photo.

My earbuds are Dudios Zeus wireless Bluetooth earbuds and I absolutely love them. Next is my Wenger Esquire, which is a mainstay.

Lastly, we have my cheap multi-tool which I’ve seen on Amazon under a few different brandings. It’s low cost, fairly sturdy, and always comes in handy. I have other knives, watches, pens, and multi-tools that get rotated out depending the day, but everything is well used and appreciated, especially at work. Someday I’ll add the nicer stuff that I really want, such as the Trayvax Axis and the Leatherman Skeletool, for example. For now, I have no complaints and I love the tools at hand.

I love the videos. Seriously, dude, keep up the GREAT work. Carry on!






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