Here is my current EDC setup for work. My wallet of choice is the Gun Deck Wallet which is aging beautifully, perfect for what I need to carry. The knife I’ve been carrying to work is the Bestech Sapphire, which is a titanium frame lock (and great quality comparable to Kizer). This knife is very small which works great for me since I work in an office wearing business professional attire. It allows me to keep my carry compact.

Next is the Cremo Solid Cologne which I have been carrying lately. It comes it super handy and the smell actually stays on you for the entire day. The solid cologne goes inside the PocKit organizer along with my favorite pen, the TiScribe Bolt, the Gil-Tek RUK, and the I3T EOS. I usually just toss the PocKit organizer in my bag. Last is the iPhone X, which I carry in a pretty nice looking blue leather case I found on Amazon.

Awesome stuff Taylor! Keep the great videos coming!




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