Gil-Tek RUK V2: All the Right Changes

I first featured the Gil-Tek RUK (Rapid Utility Knife) back in September of 2018. Operating with a spring bar lock mechanism, the RUK was one of the first EDC utility knives with a truly one-handed deployment system -- simply push forward on the blade with...

Upgrade Your Keys with the Big Idea Design Mini Pry Bar

 The brains at Big Idea Design are back at it again. The duo behind the titanium-obsessed company, Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang, have already successfully funded 21 Kickstarter campaigns, so it's only natural that they launch this new product on the crowdfunding...

The Olight I3T EOS Copper launches today

Olight released its latest tail switch AAA flashlight, the I3T EOS earlier this year to much fanfare. It's a small, lightweight torch with a simple interface and a dual-direction pocket clip. What's not to love? Today, however, Olight is bringing an even more...

The new Fenix E18R EDC flashlight launches next week

Fenix is synonymous with outstanding, reliable torches. They’re a fan favorite brand here at the Best Damn EDC and on the EDC Weekly, and despite all the flashlights out there, it’s hard not to get excited when a new everyday carry-focused light from Fenix is on the...

The Korcraft Everyday Blade is the world’s smallest folding utility knife

I’m a recent utility blade convert. They’re super compact and lightweight, low maintenance, and come with very few disadvantages. Plus, you never have to worry about sharpening the blade — when one dulls, toss it and pop in another. Honestly, it makes perfect sense for everyday carry, which is why I’m happy to see more love for utility blades throughout the community as a whole.

NanoPen is the world’s smallest and lightest ballpoint pen

A lot of people within the EDC community have a fascination with tiny things — myself included. There’s something incredibly pleasing about carrying and using a tool that’s small, lightweight and can still get the job done.

SLUGHAUS is no stranger to tiny gear. They successfully funded two Kickstarter campaigns for both versions of the world’s tiniest flashlights, BULLET. They’re now back at it again with a miniature ballpoint pen that makes the Fisher Space Pen Bullet look big.

UPDATE: The Olight I3T EOS tail switch AAA flashlight is now available

Olight is back at it again, this time with a pocket-sized tail switch flashlight that runs off a single AAA battery. It’s call the I3T EOS and it’s made of an impact-resistant aluminum body with a unique design featuring a double helix knurling for extra grip. It’s also IPX8 certified and features a dual-direction pocket clip for attaching to a backpack strap, your hat or your pocket.

You can now pre-order the MSTR LINX titanium carabiner key ring set

Key organization is the weak point of many everyday carry setups. Carabiners are often clunky, heavy, or both. Key rings suck. And if you have a giant key fob, it only makes matters worse. Then you have the problem of small S-Biners coming unhooked when you don’t want them to. (I’ve temporarily lost my keys countless times thanks to dual-gated carabiners.) Those are all problems the MSTR LINX aims to solve.

Pre-Order Griffin’s Newest Pocket Tool In Copper

Griffin’s wildly popular Pocket Tool was just announced in a new variant: Copper. And with its many functions and virtually limitless uses, it deserves a limited run. If you missed it in our Father’s Day roundup, it has over 12 functions, including a 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm hex tool, as well as a screwdriver to handle any mechanical issues that arise. The tool also utilizes a bottle opener and a pry tool.


5 Classy Everyday Carry Setups #EDCWeekly

Whether it's some patinaed leather or a well-worn watch, class comes in a million different forms. Here on the EDC Weekly, we see tons of variety when it comes to gear, the way it's carried, and how it's used. This week is all about class. Below, you'll find five of...

10 Best EDC Keychain Flashlights 2019

 Keychain flashlights aren't overly bright, they're not going get you through the apocalypse, and, for many, they're not even a crucial part of everyday carry. That said, they are perfect in a pinch, better than your phone's so-called flashlight, and they practically...

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