The Delta 7 is a beautiful and practical EDC pocket tool

A lot of pocket tools end up bulky, ugly or not very useful. Or all three. The guys are Eighty Eighty Industry decided to do things a little differently.

They started with a plain slab of titanium and cut out hexagons for metric hex sizes from 8mm to 14mm. Then they cut away all the excess (save for a flathead on one end and a small lip for a bottle opener).

This Suunto smartwatch will last through your week-long backpacking trip

Even today, smartwatches are a polarizing product. They pack a ton of features — arguably too many — into a compact package that’s convenient to use. It’s like the heads-up display for your personal area network that we’ve always dreamed of. But so much capability in such a small form factor has always left smartwatches with a huge, gaping flaw: battery life. That’s where the Suunto 9 swoops in.


The Gorgeous Customized Knives of EDC Alabama

 Matt, better known as @edc.alabama on Instagram, has earned a reputation for customizing knives with an acid wash, anodized, bronzed, bead blasted, or (the most distinguishable) a copper washed finish. Matt can add logos, states, and more to the finish of your...

The Best Everyday Carry Watches of the #EDCWeekly

Watches are an important part of every EDC. Whether it's an expensive automatic, a cheap beater watch, or one that buzzes with every new email or text, they all have one thing in common: they all tick. They're highly personal and speak to one's tastes and preferences....

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