Matt, better known as @edc.alabama on Instagram, has earned a reputation for customizing knives with an acid wash, anodized, bronzed, bead blasted, or (the most distinguishable) a copper washed finish.

Matt can add logos, states, and more to the finish of your knives, making them truly custom and personalized to you and your style. Matt customized three knives for me.

First is the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. The blade was acid washed and the Best Damn EDC logo was added just beside the spydie hole. Next, the Flytanium Copper Scales and all the accompanying hardware were bead blasted to match the matte finish of the acid wash, and a Best Damn EDC pocket logo was added to the scales.

The CRKT Pilar blade got the copper wash treatment, which has developed a really nice patina over the last several months. Like on the PM2, the scales and all the hardware were bead blasted.

Finally, the Big Idea Design TPT front was anodized while the back plate was bronzed to give additional color depth. The Best Damn EDC pocket logo was also added to the front.

Pricing varies by the type of finish you’re after and how many different processes that requires. Acid and stone washing blades start at $35, while bead blasting handles will set you back $40. Bead blasting or bronzing hardware will set you back another $10. However, there is a discount for multiple finish combinations. For two separate finishes, you will get $10 off the total and $15 off for three separate finishes.

If you are interested in having @edc.alabama customize one of your knives, you can email him using the address above or send him a direct message on Instagram.

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