I am always trying to find ways of slimming down my carry, but this is the gear that stays with me practically all the time. With the exception of the knife, which usually rotates, these items are my most common EDC.

One of the newer additions is the KnifeGuys K.I.T., which has replaced the Griffin Pocket Tool in my Hitch and Timber Card Caddy. The wallet has been very useful for allowing me to carry an extra tool without having extra bulk, and I love the leather and hand-crafted quality. I definitely have found a huge interest in pocket tools as a valued piece of gear, hence the reason why I have begun to develop my own design. The tool to the right of my wallet is what I have been calling the “Sprybar” multi-tool. This is the steel prototype of my design that Spectrum Energetics has helped me bring to life. It will mainly function as a prybar, screwdriver, bottle opener, and it can fit a 1/4″ hex bit in the long front cutout. Hopefully, some titanium versions will be in the works soon.

Currently, I am Shift Supervisor for Starbucks in Chicago, so I always find uses for my EDC daily, whether it pertains to my job or just as useful tools to help me get through the day. The Streamlight Protac 1AAA is a great little light that I commonly forget is in my pocket. It’s powerful enough for tasks at work, is a convenient light for when is dark outside, and the strobe ability is a good feature to have.

I have messed around with my keys quite a bit, but I have settled on keeping my car key separate with a lanyard and the bulk of my keys on a Keysmart Rugged. I also have a set of work keys (not pictured) that sits on a Nite Ize S-biner, but I only have to carry that while at work. I love the Rugged’s pocket clip and its slim size so it fits in my front pocket with my phone, without being too obstructing. Also, another new addition is the Samsung Galaxy S9 used to take this photo.

I am a big fan of customizing my own gear to make it more personalized. I enjoy making my own lanyards, modifying my knives and tools, as well as taking a torch to color, or heat-anodize (as some call it), some of the metals in my EDC. I personally have torched most of the titanium lanyard beads, the Keysmart pocket clip, and the titanium scales on this knife to give them a unique coloring.

Being in Chicago, there is technically a restriction on blade length (2.5″) when carrying, so I try my best to follow the laws on the knives I rotate. The CRKT Jettison Compact is a nice little 2-inch box cutter when I need it, and an even better fidget flipper knife. I most commonly carried the Kizer Sheepdog Mini (ever so slightly longer than legal, shhh) just before the holidays, but now I have a couple more knives that will most likely be switched around in my carry: Spyderco Dragonfly, CRKT Pilar (soon to be customized), Opinel No. 6, and the tiny Spyderco Dog Tag Gen 4.

P.S. Love the content, looking forward to new ideas all the time. Great work! I’d love to answer any questions about the EDC!



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