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I’ve pared down the stuff I’ve been carrying and now I think I can’t go back to carrying a lot. Since I got the TPT on the YouTube giveaway, it has become part of my EDC. I found the sheath it comes with a bit bulky so I made my own out of some leather scraps I had. The TPT is my first piece of titanium gear and I’m astounded with it. It feels awesome, looks amazing, and is really small for the number of functions it packs.

The watch is a cheap vintage mechanical Indian watch and it just suits my everyday needs. It was designed to be given to police and military in India, and this exact one belonged to one of my grandfather’s Indian friends. The Para 3 is what I consider to be the best everyday knife for someone who, like me, prefers smaller knives but doesn’t want to sacrifice functionality. I was carrying a Victorinox Cadet, but the TPT took its place and I’m carrying the Spyderco again. Also, compression locks are really fun to play with.

I’ve been using fountain pens for a while now and the Kaweco Sport is the one that gets the most pocket time. It’s super small, light, and durable because of its ABS construction. It is filled with Robert Oster’s Deep Sea ink and is a dark green/teal color with good shading, and also has a good sheen sometimes.

Good minimalist wallets are somewhat rare in Brazil so I had to design and make my own. It’s very thin and fits everything I need (cards, cash, ID and a guitar pick). The leather is starting to patina now and I really like the way it is aging.

Finally, the 12″ handkerchief was made from some scraps of vintage cotton fabric I had. I hand embroidered an alchemical symbol on it. Hand sewing and embroidery is a thing I’ve done since I was a kid and I find it very relaxing, so that’s the only reason I make my own handkerchief.

I think that’s the most in-depth description I’ve written so far, but I think my EDC will stay like this for a while.

Best regards from Brazil!






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