As January came to a close, a bundle of amazing everyday carries were submitted to the show, a featuring custom wallet that one subscriber purchased for $650, and a custom DIY pocket organizer made of elastic. There’s lots of fresh gear in this episode of the EDC Weekly. Check it out!

Below, you’ll find all of the submissions featured in this week’s episode, as well as all the gear featured in their photos.





My EDC is always changing due to a fairly decent collection of gear. That being said, these items have been getting a lot of pocket time and use as of late.

The Hitch and Timber Runt keeps all the essentials in one place. The watch I wear changes daily. The Wenger is a quality watch and looks great on a NATO strap. This is my second Gun Deck QuickDraw Wallet. The first one I used for a year before accidentally washing it with my jeans (oops). The wallet is slim but holds everything I want it to-Including a small diamond sharpener.

The Benchmade 940 Osborne has always been a grail knife for me despite owning higher-end knives. Nothing compares to a broken-in axis lock. The phone I use is an iPhone X and I used it to take the picture. My keychain changes every day depending on what I drive to work, so I left it out.

Looking forward to the big giveaway! 🙌🏼





I switch out carry guns a from everything between Glock to Dan Wesson, but I love this little J-Frame. The VZ grips and a good holster from ANR Designs go along way with making this firearm comfortable and easy to carry.

When Benchmade started to release the Hunt series of knives, I saw this and had to have it. The blade profile and gut hook/seat belt cutter make it extremely usable. I wish this was made by a different company but Benchmade has been decent.

I was at the local Rolex/Tudor dealer and I was looking at a Rolex Ceramic Sub. There was nothing I found exciting about it, but I saw the Tudor in a case next to it, took a look, and fell in love with it. It’s been on my wrist for a few months and it has been absolutely wonderful. It’s a COSC certified chronometer and only loses about a second a day.

The wallet was handmade by The Proper Gentleman on Instagram. It was well worth the wait. It’s made of very hard, high-quality leather. I have nothing but good things to say about his work!






This is the gear I carry on most occasions. Some days, I may go without the Sheepdog or the watch, but everything else is in my pockets at all times.

The wallet was a gift and is perfect for the number of cards and cash I carry. The Olight is very bright and surprisingly comfortable to carry. I was hooked on the Streamlight Microstream so the S2R Baton seemed large at first, but is now my favorite light. Burt’s Bees is the best in my opinion in the dry winter. The Sheepdog and Victorinox knives are both secondary knives that I carry if I need to loan one to a friend or just open small packages.

The Chavez is, by far, my favorite knife. The weight may be a bit much for some and the clip had to grow on me but it never leaves my pocket and is extremely functional. The Apple Leather Case is just a great looking case (after a few weeks of wear) and provides enough protection for my needs. The AirPods are great for listening to a few songs in between classes, as I am a college student who walks quite a bit. The Fossil watch was a gift from a family member and although it’s not the most expensive watch, it has sentimental value and looks great.

That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for everything you do, I love the channel.




Juan Molina



I’m a graphic designer from Guatemala. I’ve fallen in love with brass (thanks to you) and the Kershaw was my gateway drug. It weighs a ton but I love the heft and kinda menacing size of it.

Also, I wanted to carry a Fisher Space Pen Bullet but, with all those other cylindric items in my pockets, I needed a way for them not to get lost. I made the pocket caddy with 3-inch burgundy elastic band using mother’s sewing machine. It’s been really useful so far (like 72h), we’ll see if it lasts…

I love the look of the KeySmart Titanium but really wanted to make it different so, with a hammer and some elbow grease, I was able to take out the nut that is pressed into one of the plates. I even was able to flip the plate and now the KeySmart logo is on the inside for a cleaner look.







Hey Jeep, this is my first submission. It’s a lot so I’ll try to keep it relatively short. As a student, a lot of this is only for days off.

The portable charger and cable are used for my headphones and phone. I like the watch because it can take a beating. The strap is a nice contrast to the cards which were a collaboration of two of my favorite magicians.

The Maker Knife is my primary blade. The money clip was passed down and does its job. I use the pen a lot at school and the mints are for speeches.

The Leatherman is clipped onto the TPT lanyard and is super compact for light duty tasks. The flashlight gets used almost daily. The necklace is not an attempt to be tactical, but I like how it looks and sits under a shirt.

If you have any suggestions or criticisms, let me know. Thanks for checking it out, and have a good day, evening, or night depending on when you read this!


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