Some EDCs just make you stop and question all of your gear decisions. Maybe it’s a superb knife, a stunning watch, or an all-brass setup. Whatever it may be, it makes you want to turn in your own gear and start from scratch.

This week’s features are all about EDCs that give you serous gear envy.


Nicolai Øvig

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Hi. First of all, I love your channel. It’s nice with some inspiration on how to put a nice kit together. There is a lot of nice stuff out there. I have tried to get a small EDC kit in brass together.

The watch is in bronze but goes well with the other brass stuff. This is not always on my wrist as a have a small collection of watches.

The notebook is always in the back pocket and ready if I have to write something that I have to remember or if I get an idea for a geocache I would like to make. The Kaweco pen is probably a little big to have in the pocket but it is just so damn nice to write with that it just has to go in this kit.

The lip balm is always in my pocket during the winter months and it has a nice minty scent. The Zippo is always in the fifth pocket, not quite sure why; I don’t smoke. The pocket organizer I made myself and it is customized to the things I use in my everyday life — a small knife with scissors and a pen. I sometimes use the paper clip when I’m geocaching and a log roll is stuck in the container.

The iPhone is of course always in my pocket and must be protected, so I need a cover. Plus, I am a big fan of skulls so this one fell just in my taste.





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This is my normal carry. I don’t always EDC two dedicated knives. I just picked up the Sebenza today. The watch is just a good beater. I’m in-between picking the wallet I want. My Leatherman was an awesome price and I use a lot of the tools in my trade job, as well the knives and Olight. Not pictured is my Keysmart but I’m looking at going KeyBar, as titanium is tough.





Matt Gray

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Jackson Beaman

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Josh Coughlin

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Short and simple, all of these have proven to be rocks in my EDC. I carry them all because I know they’re going to last for years to come, and I can always depend on them. The Suru is a newer acquisition but is proving itself to be a great knife (as we both know) and I’m sure I’ll only grow more reliant on it as I use it more.





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