I am a leather Crafter and I decided I wanted to make as much of my EDC as I could. I chose to go with a blackout leather theme.

First is the Samsung Gear S2 Classic. It’s a pretty standard smartwatch but it keeps me on time. Next, is the Whiskey Wallet. It was designed with a minimalist approach, as it only holds three cards. Perfect for a night out drinking.

I have a Google Pixel 3 because it has arguably the best phone camera on the market. Next, is my handmade scout carry knife and sheath. I always liked the designs I saw online but they were all so large. So I bought a small knife and built one to fit. I then made a belt pouch for my Zippo lighter. All my products are made from a premium veg-tan leather.

I also carry a vintage Wentworth tobacco tin. Inside the tin are lip balm, toothpicks, an eyeglass wipe, and headphones. I love vintage Americana and I believe in making your own items or recycling old things before buying something new.

Lastly is my Black Harbour Leather Key Fob. Black Harbour Leather is my new leather company. I’m currently working on a website and building inventory to sell at launch. Right now all I have is an Instagram account for my products @blackharbourleather check it out. Thanks!

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