I’ve had the iPhone X since summer and I have no complaints. I have it in the Apple Silicone Case because it’s slim and adds some grip to the phone.

I’ve had the Olight I3T since it came out and have had it in my pocket since. It’s a great light and I would recommend to anyone.

Today, I have the Yojimbo 2 in my pocket. It’s a great blade and on the larger side. It takes up a good amount of pocket space but I love the compression lock and it makes one-handed use very easy. The blade is a little more threatening and always gets a head turn when using it at work or in public.

My watch of choice is the Seiko SKX009. I always have a hank in my pocket, I was raised by my grandparents and its something that my grandfather taught me to have on me at all times from a young age.

I really like the products that Canela & Co make. They’re high quality and pretty sweet designs. If you are looking for a good EDC hank, I would recommend Canela & Co.

Burt’s Bees is a must. AirPods are not the best sounding wireless headphones but work well in the Apple ecosystem and are very convenient. And, finally, the wallet is the Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet in Driftwood. I have had this wallet since you reviewed it way back on MOD and love it. Its held up and the patina is amazing.

Keep up the great work, Taylor. Thanks,



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