Hey, man! I recently started following your channel and dig what you’ve done with it thus far, keep up the good work!

I try to keep my EDC pretty lean and pocket-lite, and this is what I’ve arrived at. I downsized my wallet to the Charlie as all I needed was a super simple wallet to carry a few cards in and this hit the ticket. I carry the Curve and X4S on my keys as backups if I don’t have my other tools on me. They’ve come in handy plenty of times and are easy to forget about given how small they are. My house keys are on a small boat shackle I’ve had for 13+ years and has been the perfect key organizer over that time (well before all these mainstream “key organizers” became a thing!) It’s a sentimental piece from back when I went sailing during the summer as a teenager and is easily the most simple and functional piece of kit I’ve ever had on me.

Sidenote on the X4S: It’s superior to the I1R EOS in my opinion for one simple fact: while the specs and performance are on par with the I1R and other similar keychain lights, when you unscrew the head to charge it, it stays attached to the body so there’s no chance to lose it. It’s well worth the extra couple bucks over the Olight model!

The Twitch II was the first real knife I acquired several years ago; it has dutifully served me over that time. The Style PS is incredibly convenient to carry given its small size and combination of pliers, scissors, tweezers, and nail file, all of which I make use of throughout the week. The SGN3 is a super nice flat-brick style light that sits perfectly in the fifth pocket and is equally useful with it’s red and UV secondary LEDs. I’ve also got a RovyVon Aurora A6 on the way and am stoked to compare the two.





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