I was first introduced to the concept of everyday carry through the leatherwork community. So much of what I carry with me on a day to day basis reflects that first love/obsession. I love the workmanship and artistry that went into the leather goods I carry—from the wallet to the watchstrap—and I am proud to say I know each and every one of the craftsmen that made them for me.

First up is the Benjamin Bott Wren in Russet Harness from the American tannery Wicket and Craig. This leather is beloved by leather geeks and crafters alike for its glossy appearance and it’s quick and even patina and this wallet is a favorite because of that. The craftsmanship is of course also excellent and the design allows me to carry a good amount of cards and quartered cash easily while occupying a very minimal amount of space in my women’s jean’s pockets.

Second is the lanyard from District Leather in Natural Shell Cordovan from the Horween Tannery—a tannery which I am sure needs no introduction. This lanyard is substantial and tough and has darkened up considerably with continued use. While I often change wallets a few times a week, this lanyard is constantly with me.

The key case attached to it is from Ashland Leather—a company run by Horween employees. This key case houses three keys and a Japanese brass ring easily and allows me to travel without my keys jingling about obnoxiously. It also has the added perk of developing a killer patina with use and, of course, smelling absolutely amazing. These are an affordable and fun way to carry a little bit of shell with you every single day.

The key fob next to that is also from District Leather and is in a pretty violet shell from Horween (as can be seen by the stamp on the backside). This is another easy way to carry a bit of shell with you for those with a leather obsession like me.

The Seiko SARB033 pictured was a grail watch for a long time and one that was eventually gifted to me as a four-year anniversary gift from my beautiful girlfriend. Needless to say, that added sentimental value has made me love it even more, every single day. This watch is just a reminder of how far we have come together as well as how supportive she has been of my hobbies. Attached to the watch is a natural shell strap from Ashland Leather with about two months of use.

I am not a huge knife person, but watching these videos is quickly changing that. For the time being, I am rocking a CRKT Amicus Compact, a knife that is just the right balance for me in terms of badass aesthetics, cost and size.

Lastly, the Zippo and Fisher Space Pen are just a testament to my love of all things brass and my neverending desire to fiddle with something at all times.

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