Key organizers are helpful for a number of reasons. They not only silence your keys, they also keep your keys in the same order, allow you to attach tools to them, and sometimes clip them to the rim of your pocket like a folding knife.

A downside to key organizers, however, is the added bulk. They may tidy up your awful key situation, but they’re going to add heft and bulk to your keychain.

That’s where Magnetikeys comes in.

Magnetikeys, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, are key blanks that you purchase and have cut at your local hardware store. The trick is that they organize themselves because they have two neodymium magnets embedded in them. Add a pivot screw and you’ve got effectively the most simple — yet genius — key organizer solution possible.

When you press to deploy a key, it snaps out like a folding flipper. Every Magnetikey also has a cap lifter cut right into the key. And they work with virtually all existing key organizer solutions out there.

Magnetikeys are available for pre-order on Kickstarter for the next seven days. And while the early bird pricing lasts, you can grab a set for just $4 per key. After early bird pricing is gone, the price goes up to $8 per key.

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