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You may have seen my last submission, but I’ve slimmed down my EDC to an incredible degree recently.

I realized that the only tools I’ve been using on my much larger SAK Deluxe Tinker, I could find on the smaller Style PS. More importantly, the entire keychain is knifeless. As I always carry a knife, I found little keychain knives to get in the way more than they helped.

The I1R EOS is also a new addition and is so freaking bright it’s shocking. The Doohickey is just a 3 dollar prybar tool and bottle opener I picked up off Amazon. I’m loving the Machine Era Classic so far. It feels really solid and I’ve always been in love with the G2 cartridge.

I take the pocket clip off all my knives and add a lanyard to them for easy access. As a college student, I find people tend to freak out when they see a knife so it’s much better to keep it concealed entirely. Sigh.

Thanks for doing this. It’s so much fun to see what people are carrying and to get awesome ideas from the community.





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