EDC organizers aren’t just a fancy way to tote all your gear. In many ways, they’re highly practical. They, well, organize your stuff and keep things from floating around in your pockets. They protect your gear from getting unnecessarily scuffed and scratched. And, best of all, they can help prevent losing the smaller items in your EDC.

However, there is a downside to pocket organizers. More specifically, they tend to ruin the weight distribution of your daily carry by concentrating it all i n one pocket or one location.

That’s where something like like the TaleofKnives Belt Loop Organizer comes into play. This helps by strapping two of the bulkiest and heaviest pieces of your EDC — your knife and flashlight — to your waist.

TaleofKnives offers belt loop organizers in three different colors (rugged brown, clay brown, and black) and four different sizes: Mini, Standard, XL, and Leatherman. There are also a few different configurations, such as the Trio, which doesn’t feature belt loops, but rides in the pocket like a typical EDC organizer — but it’s also offered with a clip that can quickly be attached to a belt or pants. The XL comes in a Single variation which omits the pouch for the flashlight. And the Tuxedo adds a pocket for a small pen to the front of the organizer.

I’ve been wearing the XL Belt Loop Organizer from TaleofKnives on my hip every day for over a month. And I don’t imagine myself leaving it at home any time soon.

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