Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are a staple in the EDC community. The vast majority of the submissions to the EDC Weekly have some sort of Victorinox in tow. But few have SAKs as neat as the BWSAK from Brasswerx.

John Smith, the man behind Brasswerx, offers custom Swiss Army Knives in titanium, copper, and brass. They add that needed heft the plastic scales on many SAKs lack. The BWSAK features a cross cut-out on one scale as an ode to Victorinox itself, but opposite the cross is a 1/4″ hex wrench. And that’s just one of the many customizations offered. You can swap out tools, replace the stainless spacers with phosphor bronze or brass spacers, and stonewash the tools.

Brasswerx also offers pry tools in solid brass, the BWPrybar, as well as cap lifters made from the blemished scales John doesn’t use for BWSAK builds. He also makes custom cap lifters from the discarded Alox scales that originally come on the SAKs.

To see more of John’s work, make sure to check out the video above, but also peep his online store and follow him on Instagram.

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