Hey Taylor.

I was lucky to get some new EDC toys this Christmas. I tend to view a lot of articles and video on my phone, always at max brightness. The ZeroLemon battery case and Heloideo battery bank help keep me powered throughout the day. I also like the Heloideo’s flip-out AC plug and built-in cords for lightning, micro USB, and USB-C, which is great for my other gear or to lend out some juice to a friend.

I also received the beautiful Big Idea Design Ti EDC wrench. The design and craftsmanship are amazing, and the smooth one-handed action of the adjustable wrench makes working on small projects both a breeze and a joy.

I have switched pens from my Sensa to this Wuben tactical penlight. It’s decently bright, USB rechargeable (which I always prefer over disposable batteries), and has a pen that can be reversed to reveal a glass breaker which could possibly be handy in a vehicle emergency.

As always, I continue to use the Andar Pilot Wallet and Comfy Clothiers Wallet Comb. I received the Geometrical Wallet tripod pro as another wallet tool. This thing is great. It can be flipped and contorted into an adjustable tripod, which is handy for group photos and for videos I shoot when working on my car.

I also bought myself a Christmas gift with the Wenger 19th Hole Cigar Multi-Tool. It has a nice blade, but I really like the unique cigar cutter design. Finally, my watch here is an 80’s Timex Black Max on a Xeric band. It’s beaten up and scratched, but has a simple retro design which I really like.

Good luck in the year to come, and best wishes to the family.



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